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The project has recruited 8 PhDs and 3 Postdocs for training. The fellows as shown below are conducting research on different themes and topics.

PhD Fellows Research Topic
Ms. Annet Nakyeyune "Biomass Energy Technologies as a Pathway to Climate Change Mitigation and Enhanced Human Wellbeing in Uganda: Current status and future opportunities"
Mr. John Omara "Effect of Land Use and Land Use Change on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tropical Swamp Forests: A Proxy Monitoring Approach".
Mr. Philemon Mukisa Kirunda The contribution of REDD+ pilot projects to community empowerment, creating opportunities and tenure security in Tanzania.
Ms. Esther Kemigisha Assessment of the role of Agricultural Intensification on dependency and conservation of Private Natural Forests in Uganda
Mr. Christopher Mawa Effects of tenure arrangements on forest conservation and rural livelihoods in mid-western Uganda
Mr. Enock Ssekuubwa Ecological characteristics of afrotropical forests restored by planting native tree species and natural regeneration: the role of micro-and meso-scale factors
Ms. Halima Mvungi Amir Investigation of Species Composition on Regenerating Miombo Woodlands at Different Successional Stages in Tabora region and Their Implication to Carbon Sequestration
Ms. Kellen Aganyira Community Participation in Forestry Carbon Projects: Implications for REDD+ in Uganda
Danstan Mukono Reduced Emission from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) and Social Livelihoods Discourses: With Reflections from Forest-Dependent Communities in Rural Lindi, Tanzania
Ms. Antonia Nyamukuru Impact of land use and land cover on carbon sequestration and biodiversity in the Cattle corridor of Uganda
Mrs. Leonia John Raphael "Agriculture and Forest Cover Change in Northern Eastern Tanzania: A Case of Mbulu and Karatu Districts"
Mr. Edmund Mabuye Implications of Climate Change and Variability on Communities’ Livelihoods and Forest Resources in Kasulu District, Tanzania.
Dr. Emma Liwenga Research
Dr. Paul Okullo "Termite mounds vegetation: A neglected link between carbon sequestration and climate change"
Dr. Giregon. Olupot "Carbon sequestration potential and estimates of greenhouse emissions under major land uses of Uganda"

Masters Students

MSc Fellows Research Topic
Lugonja Micheal Predicting species potential using a Bayesian hierarchical model
Musiba Rogers Assessment of soil seed bank potential for forest regeneration in a planted and natural forest zones of Mabira forest
Edmand Aryampika Impact of Collaborative forest Management (CFM) on forest health and community Livelihoods
Annet Akankwasa Assessing the awareness and understanding of local communities towards REDD+
Katongole Juma .

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Our goal is to contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved ecosystem health for sustainable livelihoods in Eastern Africa




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