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Research Abstract : 
Assessment of soil seed bank potential for forest regeneration in a planted and natural forest zones of Mabira forest


Brief information: Climate change has become a global problem and one of the major causes for this is deforestation. In Uganda, deforestation is about 0.9% (about 55,000 ha) with potential loss of forests by 2025. Efforts to reverse this trend and advocating for forest conservation and management has been embarked on by government, NGOs and other Market Venture Bodies like REDD+ through planting and other activities that enhance forest conservation. Soil seed banks can provide a better option in reversing the trend of the lost forest cover, they resilient to harsh climatic conditions and can aid natural regeneration. But despite their role in forest regeneration, there is limited information on the soil seed bank potential.  Comparing the natural and plantation forests gives an insight on the existing biodiversity in the soil seed bank of plantation forests for future natural resilience in case relevant authorities need to bring back the lost natural forests. Therefore this study is aiming at 1. determining the density of soil seed banks 2. determining the species composition of the soil seed banks 3. comparing the diversity of the soil seed bank and comparing the similarity between the soil seed bank and the above ground. All this is to be done in both the natural and planted forest zones 




Progress to date

1. proposal presented and accepted with minor corrections.

2. corrections done and the proposal is ready for submission

3. preparing for baseline survey and reconnaissance.

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