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Research Abstract : 
Community Participation in Forestry Carbon Projects: Implications for REDD+ in Uganda

Brief information on topic and research question: Effective community participation in forest management is important for successful implementation of payment for ecosystem services (PES) projects that have become popular in developing countries. Despite progress in identifying factors that determine successful institutions in managing common pool resources, there is need for more empirical evidence in the PES context. This study seeks to examine factors that influence households’ participation in forestry carbon projects in Uganda. It also attempts to determine community benefits and challenges that emerge from carbon projects and community’s perceived fairness in benefit sharing. Findings will contribute knowledge on what makes PES projects attractive to local actors in the forestry sector. The study takes a cross-case comparative approach with focus on four pilot carbon projects implemented by government and private institutions.  We employ mixed methods to collect data including; survey, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, observation and document review among others.

Progress to date: 

1. Undertook short course trainings in Statistical packages R and SPSS in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Other trainings were in Gender and Research methods for graduate students 

2. Fully admitted to a PhD program at Makerere University

3. Completed phase one of data collection

4. Data analysis and preliminary results write-up is on-going

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+256 782 069 123 : +256 706 581 3122

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