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Research Abstract : 
Investigation of Species Composition on Regenerating Miombo Woodlands at Different Successional Stages in Tabora region and Their Implication to Carbon Sequestration

Brief information on topic and research question:The current study is designed to investigate species composition in regenerating abandoned agricultural field at various succession stages in relation to relatively intact miombo woodlands. Since different species contribute differently to ecosystem services, the contribution of individual species to carbon storage will be determined. Also, the contribution of other factors such as soil seed bank and soil nutrient to colonization and succession of miombo woodlands will be investigated. Chronosequences method will be used in this study, where agricultural fields abandoned at different time will be selected in Tabora Region. Information about background of the abandoned regenerating woodlands will be collected from farmers, agriculture and forest officer by informal interviews. Vegetation sampling will be carried out according to National Forest Resources Monitoring and Assessment (NAFORMA) of Tanzania (Versa et al, 2011) and Carbon storage of tree species will be determined by allometric equation for miombo woodlands of the region (Mugasha, 2012).The results of the study will contribute to the understanding of recovery of miombo woodlands and the feature species composition which is necessary for determination of ecosystem functions such as carbon sequestration. The information may be important for conservation and management plan as well as enhancement of carbon sequestration.


Progress to date: 

  1. Statistics Course in Regression Analysis  attended January - March 2015 at the Norwegian University of Life Science
  2. Preliminary data collection undertaken in October 2015
  3. The proposed study approved by College  Higher Degrees Research and Publication  Committee  on May 2016
  4. Comprehensive data collection for two objectives  undertaken August -September 2016
  5. Seedling emergency test in progress
  6. Arrangement for fund for Lab. work  (viability test and soil nutrient ) Initiated


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+255 713 876 479 : +255 783 937 979

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