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Research Abstract : 
Impact of land use and land cover on carbon sequestration and biodiversity in the Cattle corridor of Uganda


As land use and land cover change continue to be of global concern with impact on biodiversity and carbon stocks, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation ‘plus’ conservation of forests, enhancement of forest carbon stocks and sustainable management of forests (REDD+) has not sufficiently addressed the role played by ecosystems outside forests. These ecosystems such as savanna and connected land use types may store carbon and reduce emissions. This is especially possible in Lake Mburo region with savanna ecosystem. This study intends to explore how different land use systems contribute to the carbon storage and to the conservation of biodiversity. I will use satellite images and ground control points to determine the land use and land cover change over 40 years. I will sample in three land use land cover types; savanna, ranch and cropping land to determine the biodiversity, functional diversity and carbon stocks and also to establish their relationships. To determine the biodiversity and functional diversity I will use a nested quadrat on 20 x 20 m and a point intercept method. In order to determine carbon stocks I will measure the aboveground biomass in the 20 x 20 m quadrats, use the allometric equations to predict the below ground biomass and also collect soil samples using the soil auger and cores for soil carbon analysis.


Progress to date: 

1.I have finished data collection

2.Now I am drafting a manuscript for the 2nd objective

3.I had a short visit to Norway and took a course in …


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