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Research Abstract : 
Implications of Climate Change and Variability on Communities’ Livelihoods and Forest Resources in Kasulu District, Tanzania.

Brief information on topic and research question: This project envisages understanding the implications of climate variability and change on communities’ livelihoods, and prospects of the communities’ response measures on forest resources in Kasulu district, Tanzania. The specific objectives are set to analyze trends and patterns of climate change and variability; examine impacts of climate variability and change on communities' livelihoods assets; examine the effects of non-climatic processes on communities' vulnerability to climate change impacts; examine communities’ response measures (coping and adaptation) and their impacts on socio-economic activities and forestry resources management; examine forest resources conservation strategies and their impacts on communities livelihoods and response measures to climate variability and change; analyse policy options on climate change mitigation and adaptation and forest resources conservation strategies for improved livelihoods. Various methodologies are being applied. Apart from secondary data (meteorological (rainfall and temperature), and hydrological data, demographic data; policy related information, remote sensed information and biophysical information) from previous studies (published and unpublished data from online and offline databases), primary data are being collected from field at household, institutional and experts.  


Progress to date

•Reconnaissance Survey undertaken in December 2014 

•Statistical Course: Between January and March 2015, I attended Statistics Course in Regression Analysis at NMBU.  

•Literature review, revision of methodology, theoretical and conceptual framework are  ongoing 

•Data Collection: Baseline information for revision of proposal and initial findings have been collected, meteorological (rainfall and temperature), remote sensed and demographic data have been analysed, policy review is ongoing. Plans for  field work and drafting of Thesis and articles for publication are underway

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