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 Developing of a masters’ course and short courses on REDD+

A new masters’ course will be developed with unique curriculum reflecting features of REDD+, and will form part of the existing Masters program in Environmental Sciences. The planned MSc course on REDD+ will be 3 credit units and will comprise basic and core REDD+ issues. This course will be research based. The PhD will be offered as part of the existing PhD program in Environmental Sciences offered in the Department of Environment Management. REDD+ will be streamed together with climate change as a sub stream of MSc Environment. We will also design five tailor made short courses for training and/or raising awareness of senior academic staff or researchers e.g. at the rank of Professor who either because of their busy schedules or because they already have masters and/or PhDs may not partake of degree graduate academic programs.

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Our goal is to contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved ecosystem health for sustainable livelihoods in Eastern Africa




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