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Uganda’s rate of GHG emissions increased at a rate of 50% between 1990 and 2012 with the agricultural sector leading with 48%, followed by Land-Use Change and Forestry with 18.57 (USAID, 2015). This has beed attributed to an increase in the population,  expansion of agricultural land, demand for forest products, illegal settlements and week forest management capacity which has already the status of the natural forest (Obua et al., 2010). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCCC) fifth assessment report of 2014 clearly recognizes the forestry sector as one of the key sectors responsible for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions(Pandey et al., 2016)

In a period of fifteen (15) years between 1990 – 2005, Uganda had lost over 36.0 % of forested land from 4.9 to 3.6 million hectares(UBOS, 2014). The country is faced with the highest rates of deforestation and forest degradation as compared to other countries in Africa (Tennigkeit, 2010) which is a major source of GHGs emissions (Bhattarai et al., 2015; Eickemeier et al., 2014) that destroy the carbon sinks that sequester Carbondioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere which is critical for stabilizing future climate (Gibbs et al., 2007; Brown et al., 2007). The increasing CO2 concentrations is a major concern and the main causal factor for global warming (Ullah & Al-Amin, 2012).  

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He is currently working on data collection.

Proffessional Experienece.

Katongole Juma, is a Database Administrator in the Directorate for Information Communication and Technology Support (DICTS), Makerere University. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Information Technology. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology from Makerere University. Katongole has attained certifications such Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Security +, Linux Networking, Administration and Security (Linux +), Java SE 7 Programming Ed 2 PRV. Katongole has served at Makerere in several capacities: as Systems Administrator and a Teaching Assistant for computer applications and geographical information systems (GIS)  at the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) and a Technical Assistant at the Directorate for Human resources, Makerere University.






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