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Research Abstract : 
REDD+ and Gender: Analysis of Perceptions, Opportunities and Challenges For Rural Development in Tanzania

Brief information on topic and research question: The importance of integration of gender in sustainable forest management and rural livelihoods has been proven through decades of research and experience. By contrast, consideration of gender in the emerging REDD+ has been inadequate, with energies concentrated in political, technical and funding issues. Gender advocates have been calling for an emphasis on the inclusion of women in climate change and REDD+ discussions, not on the basis of being victims of climate change, but as stewards and managers of forest resources. The General objective of this study examine how gender considerations are integrated in climate change and REDD+ pilot projects in Tanzania, and analysing the associated opportunities and challenges for sustainable rural development. The purpose of the proposed study is to be able identify good practices, lessons learned and key entry points for increasing women‘s participation in and benefit from REDD+ activities, as well as opportunities to advance gender equality through this sector. This study aimed will ultimately provide recommendations on how future REDD+ initiatives in Africa can successfully integrate gender into REDD+ projects to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of REDD+ to ensure optimal contribution to gender equality in the context of rural development.


Progress to date:

a.            Publishable manuscript from Research:

I have developed the research proposal to address REDD+ and gender issues. I have also developed research tools for the same. I waiting to undertake fieldwork in one of the REDD+ pilot project areas in Tanzania, to collect data and analyse for the same. I will thereafter write a paper and submit to a relevant journal.


b.            Literature Review Paper and 

I have done research search, and made compilation of literature, regarding perceptions of local communities on REDD+ issues. Key lessons on REDD+ issues across levels, Globally nationally to local levels. At local level the lessons are based from the REDD+ pilot work in Tanzania. I need to synthesize and organize this literature so as to capture the key lessons.


c.             Research funding Proposal. 

I have so far taken part in collaborative research initiatives. I have contributed to the development of collaborative research proposals, trying to analyse the applicability of Landscape Approach in Natural resource conservation, addressing both conservation and livelihood issues.   Proposal write-up is in progress, and it is expected that this proposal will be submitted to DANIDA. The deadline of submission is 4th November. 


5.            Any other information: 

I have had opportunity to participate in a Researching Gender and Climate Change Training Course (in June 2015); and recently Climate Change and gender dialogues and providing Scientific back up to the African Group of Negotiators (September/ October 2015), which will further enlighten me and enrich my research.


Supervisor : 

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